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Featured Singers!

Some of these tracks were recorded at Jeff Lamb’s Studio. If you would like to record your favorite songs, Jeff will record your top 3 songs for $25.00. Contact Jeff to set up an appointment.

Matt Hardy – Faithfully

Matt Hardy – Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

Roy – He stopped Loving Her Today

Ian Ferguson – Holly Holy

Ian Ferguson – Love On The Rocks

Ian Ferguson – Beautiful Noise

Kendra Louy – Harper Valley PTA

Kendra Louy – I Love Rock & Roll

Lexi Warren – Strawberry Wine

Lexi Warren – Suds In The Bucket

Mark T – Imagine

Harold Sparks – Show & Tell

Carl Baumgartner – Ballroom Blitz

Ted Haroon – Blue Eyes Crying In The Night

Mike W. – Babe

David K. – Lady

Cathy Tulk – It’s Too Late

Jeff Lamb – Hey There Chlamydia

Jeff Lamb – Feelin’ Alright

Jan – Mambo Italiano

John – Neon Moon

Jack – Superstitious Woman

Gene Zenz – Amarillo by Morning

Diana – Black Velvet

Kevin – Always On My Mind

9 Responses to Audio Gallery

  1. David K says:

    Great site my friend….can’t wait to see the finished product. You can delete that one pic though…. ROFLMAO ;o)

  2. Russellb says:

    Enjoying your site and Karaoke with you has been a blast!!

    I think the pic should stay and 50g’s to whoever identifies that head! LMAO

  3. John N says:

    Jeff, it’s always a great time at your gig’s. You are a show-man, not just a boring tune jockey. Great job on your site, lots of work I’m sure. Hope to hook-up soon!

  4. J. Mykol says:

    Thank you so very much! I think you are one of the best KJ,s in the area and it seems your heart is in it! So refreshing from what I’ve seen in the past year in this area of the world! I’ll be seeing more of ya! Thanks again and I love the site!

  5. Rose says:

    WOW loved Diana Harpers rendition on Black Velvet and it happens to be my choice of POISON …. Really great Diana ;o)

  6. Ted Herroon says:

    Jeff is The best karaoke person that I have EVER been to. A great guy and good friend. I never get board at the show or impatient from not singing. If I am not singing there is usually so many interesting karaoke people that show up that I can talk to. A great following. Hope to see you there sometime. You will not regret it.

  7. coolodaddio says:

    COOL!!!havin’ a great time with you at karaoke,you keep!us entertained all through the night,and you do a mean Joe Cocker

  8. Kevin says:

    Hey Jeff, Loving your site and your Karaoke is always a lot of fun. Have met many good friends thru Karaoke and I am glad to have met you and the fantastic job that you do with your whole Karaoke gig! People really need to come out and see how fun Karaoke can truly be and what they are surely missing. Your Heart and Enthusiasm for what you are doing is second to none! Thanks again.

  9. Donna says:

    Hey Jeff as always you were very entertaining. We will miss you at ElCamino Loco. You added a bunch of jazz to the place. Maybe we will see you at Nick & Jimmy’s Keep up the great Karaoke. Toledo needs some one like you. A little crazy but cute.

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