Jeff has been hosting Karaoke since 2000.  He’s played all over town and has developed a great group of people who come and sing with him.  These wonderful strangers have become very close group who welcome any new comers with open arms.  Jeff has a couple excellent sound systems.  He’ll use one or the other depending on the size of the room he’s playing.  Jeff Lamb Karaoke also uses a very unique system for signing up the singers.  We use laptop computers.  The singer creates an account, once, then adds their songs.  These songs go right to Jeff’s computer, puts them in the cue and every song they enter stays in their history for next time.  The singers can raise and lower the key of the songs too.   If you’re not computer friendly, there’s always someone there who can help you out.

Jeff is a great host and it’s a whole bunch of fun to sing with Jeff and his friends.  Find a night near you and come out and sing with us.

If you’d like to hire Jeff Lamb Karaoke for your bar or party, Contact Jeff here.