Here’s what some people are saying about Jeff Lamb Karaoke!

“Thanks Jeff for writing “Hey Jude.”  It really made John and me look good!”

Paul McCartney


“Fake Music!”

Donald Trump


“Jeff Lamb?  I did him.”

David Letterman


“I love that the words are right on the screen.  I’d forget my underwear if it wasn’t stuck to me”

Matt Hardy


“Jeff’s singing is very entertaining…He knows MOST of the notes and a LOT of the words to SOME songs.”

Jimmy Fallen


“When Jeff give’s me an introduction, I find out things about me that I never knew”

Harry Ass


“I’m not sure, but I think I may be Jeff’s Dad.”

Pat Dailey


“Jeff, thanks for referring  David K.  I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do at this point.”

Cy Sperling (President, Hair Club for Men)