Jeff Lamb Karaoke Schedule

I’m glad to be back in the Karaoke Bidness! Come on out and sing with me on Friday and Saturday nights at the Swanton Sports Center from 8-Midnight.  It’s located on 610 N. Main St. in Swanton.   Come on out even if you’re not interested in getting in the contest.  We sell singing lessons for $2.50 a bottle!  It’s fun, and bring your bowling ball and drop a few pins while you wait your turn to sing!

Congratulations to EVERYBODY that got in our Karaoke contest! The Judges have picked our 25 finalist for Saturday Night in Swanton. The names are in no particular order and heeeeeeere they are:

Matt H.
Stephanie P.
Samantha Z
Ian Ferguson
Lexi N.
George A.
Michelle P.
Shane P.
Karl B.
Sam L.
Kendra L.
Ty S.
Vincent T.
Brett D.
Kelley S.
Justin M.
Kimmy J.
Willy K.
Joe S.
Nate A.
Jodi L.
Shawn A.
The Lewis Brothers.

The Contest starts tonight at 8:00. Please get there by 7:30 to get your names in. Thank you to everybody!!

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